gillette.pngWasn’t planning a post, but it isn’t right to ignore crying children.

Nevertheless she danced

I loved watching Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dance. The very fact that people thought it could be used as a smear is a reminder of how little women can do without ‘destroying our character’ or ‘being immoral’. Well, the future is dancing. .nia dancing3.gif


Sexism can be benevolent, I don’t want to be a worshipped mother Goddess, just be human.

nia goddess5.png

The Answer isn’t 42

number of fucks

As Gee ages, she has fewer fucks to give, maybe she’s solved it for all of us. Let’s steepen that slope!

Gender Normals in Bathrooms

gender normals bathroom

Note: Gee here, has a bit of me, in her, gender non conformance being one of it. 

when you have a buzzcut, a love for blue jeans and round neck tees, and you really have to pee…

(I run out of patience as it is repetitive and exactly when I really need to pee, but mostly these folk always sheepishly apologize on encountering the ‘appropriate’ secondary sexual characteristics for the restroom. Makes me think long and hard about the harassment trans women face, I know they certainly dont receive that apology.)