Rainbows alone don’t solve everything

I don’t care what colour it is as long as it doesn’t have a gender!

Not too extreme.

Been hearing that bodily autonomy, feminism and social justice are all okay as long as you don’t get too extreme. So what is extreme, can we mark it at say, a particular skirt length ?


What’s romantic ?


I should make a longer post about this one. I’ve had trouble distinguishing between ‘love as a friend’ and ‘something more’. Well, what I have been sure of, is the intensity of the love and the limited number of commitments I am capable of given the laws of physics, the limitations of biology etc.



People often tell me, “think about the children!” when I talk about progressive attitudes towards love and sex. Well. I’m pretty sure the children have other things concerning them.


Detox tox



Detoxing is nonsensical and sometimes dangerous pseudoscience.

A big thanks to Prof Timothy Caulfield for his series ‘A user’s guide to cheating death’ that debunks health myths. It is available on Netflix in North America but I hear it is not available in India. Also, check out the links below


Fairness Fare

This one was made with and for Saagini cosmetics, a damn awesome feminist and scientific as hell brand, starting important social conversations and introducing wonderful products.

Check them out! Saagini Cosmetics

And this wonderful article Saagini – Skin Whiteningsaagini toon2

Black Bag of Shame

black bag

What do I need to say about the bags of shame, the black clouds around the bleeders who forever need to pretend that they never do.