Hi, I’m Gowri Thampi, this is my blog. I meddle with data and cartoons. I used to work in Industry full time, until I had a bad bout of repetitive strain injury. I have almost completely healed now.

That is myself surrounded by my dogs, at my parents' dog shelter in Bangalore.
One of the above is me, the rest of them are my heart and soul.

As I heal, I hope to make people laugh, learn with them and start a conversation about repetitive strain injury and other disabilities. 

The data science part of my blog focuses on concepts and problems in probability, statistics, data visualization, and machine learning. The source code for all my work is available on Github. github.com/gowrithampi.

If you want to email me about any of the articles, projects we may do together, or just for a conversation, I’d be really happy to engage! My email address is gowri.thampi@gmail.com. (Those who email me will get a cute puppy picture :P)

The other thing I obsess about is, dogs. My parents run a dog shelter in Bangalore, you should check them out on facebook/instagram
https://www.facebook.com/doggysthanbangalore/ ,

If you are suffering from chronic pain or repetitive strain injury, hang in there, your disability is real even when it is invisible. We are valuable, and let this website be a testament to the work we can do, the knowledge we can share, the laughs we can bring out even while healing from a wretched condition. I will write more about my own journey and the tips I have to offer as I process it more clearly.